You might find other sites or books with information about getting into or getting through medical school. This site is different in two ways. One, it is written from my personal experience of becoming a doctor (currently a Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellow), while most other sites or resources are not able to give you the inside scoop because they have not actually gone through it. And two, I tried to give you as much information as I reasonably could for FREE! I have always enjoyed mentoring others who are behind me in the process of becoming a physician and this is one of the ways I am continuing to do that. If you have more questions beyond what is covered here or would like more assistance please feel free to contact me.

The “Pre-Med” Section is for all you high school, college students and working adults who are thinking about becoming a doctor. There are numerous sub-categories within the Pre-Med section that deal with many issues important to you including: do I really want to be a physician?, the difference between Allopathic and Osteopathic medical school, the MCAT, how to prepare, apply, interview, and much more.

If you have been accepted into medical school or are a current student you might be asking yourself “How do I survive?” This section deals with getting through the first two years, doing your best on clinical rotations, preparing for and passing the boards (USMLE or COMLEX), figuring out what specialty to go into, as well as applying and interviewing for residency.

I hope you enjoy the information and please let me know if there are other questions or sections I should add that you think would be helpful.

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